Our whole life is an act of worship. In ordinary life, we serve like priests at the altar.   Novalis

In addition to providing training for the vocation of priest, the seminary wishes to support all those who seek to deepen and renew their inner life by offering week-long retreats. The structured day of the seminary provides a unique opportunity for such a renewal. We also welcome individuals of any age, who wish to participate in an entire semester, while on a sabbatical or in a life transition wishing to gather forces for the next step in their biography.

See the Events page for details of upcoming Open Courses or click the links to the side.

All are welcome!

Comments from past Open Course participants:

Temple Building

Are you ready? That question has been coming to me more and more in the last months. I am standing before a door, one that has found its way to me or one that I have put there myself, and … Read More

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Open Courses at the seminary

“Every fall and every spring I take the time to come to Chicago to attend one or two Open Courses at the Seminary. By now I have slept in almost every room, met all the seminary students who were here … Read More

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Sacrament and Destiny

“Destiny Brought Us Together!” Amidst a deluge of June rain and hail, sun and warmth, 14 seekers came together to experience a four-day retreat centered around “Sacrament and Destiny”. We hailed from as far away as North Carolina and Minnesota, … Read More

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Walking with Christ – Working from Christ

“During the waning days of August 2007 from the four points of the compass, nine seekers, most members of The Christian Community, gathered together at the Chicago Seminary for five days of exploration, study and conversation on the theme. Coming … Read More

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