WE WELCOME APPLICANTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. Students come to the seminary with a variety of educational, career and spiritual backgrounds. Some acquaintance with The Christian Community or anthroposophy is expected. In most cases, applicants over the age of 28 should have a college degree or vocational training.


Offered for the first time, the possibility to participate in the seminary morning program half-time through the morning course including two other morning classes from 12-1 pm.  For details, click the Program link and also see the information below.  A weekly schedule will be posted shortly.

The amount of the seminary contribution for the half-time program is half of the full-time contribution (see below).

Transition to full-time training may be possible upon discussion with the seminary directors.

SEMINARY CONTRIBUTION: Contributions to the seminary may be arranged in installments.  The training begins with the Fall semester.  If not residing at Holder House an additional amount will be added for breakfast.
Fall 2018 Semester $2,060.00 Full-time program. $1,030.00 Half-time program.
Spring 2019 Semester $2,832.50 Full-time program. $1, 416.25 Half-time program

HOUSING: Students are welcome to arrange their own accommodation.  The following information includes a room in student housing on the Threefold campus.  For more information click Threefold student housing   IMPORTANT DATE:  AUGUST 1st Holder House will begin accepting accommodation requests from the general public at which time fewer rooms may be available for students.

*September 2018 semester:
$1,840.00 A small room in Holder House student housing (larger rooms are also available)
$2,060.00 Contribution towards the seminary
*January 2019 semester:
$2,567.50 A small room in Holder House student housing (larger rooms are also available)
$2,832.50 Contribution towards the seminary
 *An organic breakfast at the seminary is included, week days.
Scholarship funds are limited, especially in the first two semesters. Saturdays are left open for some part-time work.

HEALTH INSURANCE: Students are responsible for their own health insurance and any medical costs. The seminary does not carry health insurance coverage for students nor can it accept any financial responsibility for students requiring medical treatment.

TO APPLY FOR FULL-TIME OR HALF-TIME PROGRAM: Please send us your name, date of birth, gender, address, telephone and/or e-mail address, along with a resume and a biographical essay of approximately 1000 words describing your education, life experience and connection with The Christian Community.

DATES: Interns begin the Fall Semester  September 13, 2018;  all other students commence on September 17, 2018.   Thanksgiving Break: November 19 – 23.  The semester ends December  14, 2018.

Spring 2019 semester: January 14th to April 26, 2019.

TRAINING APPLICATIONS  by August 13, 2018 (2019 application date to be published).  If you would like to discuss your interest in applying for the Fall semester but have missed the August 15th deadline, please contact the seminary office by email at  An extension may be possible especially for those interested in the new half-time study opportunity.
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