“It must come to be realized that a school of unselfishness is needed in our present culture. A renewing of responsibility, a deepening of man’s moral life…To know Christ is to go through the school of unselfishness.”

Rudolf Steiner

Priesthood in The Christian Community—while working soundly in the sensory world—seeks to live into the depths of the Christian mystery and its enactment through and with Christ for the transformation of human culture and the earth. It is a vocation of building bridges between the sensory and supersensory—a vocation with the task of healing the split between knowledge and faith, which has driven so disastrously a wedge between intellectual knowing and the wisdom of the heart.

There was a time when human beings looked solely to the Gods, and those who represented them on earth, in order to understand themselves and their place and role in creation. It was the age of Theo-sophia and Theo-logia: “wisdom of the divinity” and “knowledge of the divinity.” As human beings became more independent of the spiritual world and entered the stage of individualized thinking, this central pursuit became Philo-sophia: “love of wisdom”—love of the same wisdom that had formerly been a direct experience, but which must now be grasped in clear thought-forms.

Today human beings are called upon to reconnect to the divinity out of their own freedom and inner activity. This divine knowledge, this wisdom, has now to be found within the human being. In order to apprehend the meaning of our existence, of the unfolding of our destiny and the destinies of those around us, people today will have to observe ever more attentively themselves and each other. Anthropo-sophia—“wisdom of the human being”—is the key to this enhanced attention and observation.

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