“Project Human Being” 

Wed. July 26, 6:00 pm to Sun., July 30, 10:00 am, in Spring Valley, New York

Co-sponsored by the Seminary of The Christian Community

A Summer Training for Young People

What if we gave as much time, discipline and energy to becoming masters of empathy and understanding as our best athletes do to dribbling a basketball or our musicians do with playing their instrument? What if there were a small group of people who gave this project of developing our truly human capacities as much energy, discipline, creativity and time as we do to create the newest cellphone technology?

Who will step up to provide the leadership that is needed for a more human future?

Paul K. Chappell and Patrick Kennedy are creating a summer training offered to young people between the ages of 18 and 35 which is meant to be an answer to these – and many other questions.  It is a spiritual leadership training towards a fuller human future that we call: Project Human Being.

Paul is a West Point graduate and veteran of the Iraq war, has authored five books during and after his military service in what he calls the Road to Peace series. Paul has worked through his own life to discover for himself how trauma, violence and despair can be overcome.  In his books he unfolds many different ways for developing the inner and outer capacities that lead to peace – in ourselves and in the world. At the core of this is a renewed vision of what it means to be human.

This is where  paths crossed.  As a member of the School for Spiritual Science, a priest in the Movement for Religious Renewal and Co-Director of the Seminary of The Christian Community it is perhaps obvious that Patrick saw deep connections between Paul’s work and his own.

During this summer training they will work deeply to explore a deeper, fuller understanding of what it means to be a human being and to cultivate those inner and outer disciplines that can transform us into those who can bring understanding, empathy and selfless sacrifice towards the needs of the world.   The training is co-sponsored by the seminary of The Christian Community and will be hosted at the church of The Christian Community, 15 Margetts Rd., Spring Valley.

The fee of $300 includes meals and sleeping bag accommodation.  (Rooms may be rented at Holder House visit www.threefold.org/housing/ for more information).

If you are interested in finding out more or supporting this endeavor, please contact Patrick Kennedy at cckennedy2006@gmail.com. Paul Chappell’s work can be found at www.paulkchappell.com.


2017 International Whitsun Conference of The Christian Community, “Playing with Fire”, June 2 – 6, 2017,  in The Netherlands, for details visit Whitsun Conference 2017: Home

The Seminary of the Christian Community in North America offers a complete priest-training program.

The first year of the study gives students who are interested in becoming priests the opportunity to get to know the Christian Community; it is also open to those who are not considering entering the priesthood. Study-topics include the Old and New Testaments and the Greek language; the nature of the seven sacraments; anthroposophy and its theory of knowledge; and the arts, including eurythmy and speech-formation. To supplement these ongoing classes, guest-teachers give weeklong courses on related subjects.

In the second year of training, the focus is directed more specifically to topics and skills that are needed for the vocation of a priest, such as theology, including Christology; religious instruction; composing sermons; and the organizational structure of the Christian Community

During the third year, students take up a practicum in a congregation. The final half-year of the priest training consists of preparation for ordination. The question of the ordination of each candidate is ultimately decided by the Circle of Seven, the group of priests responsible for the worldwide administration of the Christian Community.

Open Courses

In addition to providing training for the vocation of priest, the Seminary offers Orientation Courses and Open Courses. The programs include the daily celebration of the Act of Consecration of Man, some shared meals, Gospel Study, workshops, and lectures.

Opportunities for Young Adults

The Christian Community in North American sponsors travel costs and registration fee for Open Courses for young people who want to get to know the Seminary. To apply for financial support, please write to: Rev Oliver Steinrueck, ccnaoffice@gmail.com

More Information

For information and to apply for Open Courses and information about the priest training, please review the website and contact us at info@christiancommunityseminary.org.