Guests from Beijing

We were excited for weeks knowing that guests from the Beijing Spring Valley Waldorf Teacher Training College would spend their morning with us on the snowy last Friday in January. Arriving late because of a ride miscommunication, they came in … Read More

Love and the Risk of Wounds

Recently I gave a talk at the Boston Christian Community, where, during my practicum, I am serving as ministry assistant, titled “Are You My Brother or My Lover? Learning to Love Through the Gospels.” The idea came from my own … Read More


Becoming Priests

The Open Course “From Priest Ordination to Priesthood” gave us a glimpse into the journey of becoming a priest. We contemplated the mystery, origin, and purpose of the sacraments as illuminated by our many wise and learned priest-teachers. I learned … Read More

Impressions of the Ordination

Joyful expectation was lingering in the air as we prepared for the Sacrament of Ordination. In the week leading up to it, there had been an open course at the Seminary on the theme From Priest Ordination to Priesthood, involving … Read More


O Pioneer!

Being a pioneer—this character trait flows in the life blood of Americans. It helped me be the first to step up to the altar after completing a full priest training at the North American Seminary of the Christian Community. My … Read More