A New Beginning

After a year of relative quiet in our building, the Seminary is full of life again. While the Act of Consecration of Man is celebrated each morning at the church, someone is already preparing breakfast for our nine students. After … Read More


The Way to the Seminary

Looking back and trying to find the starting-point, that milestone that reads “Zero”—it must be somewhere in my biography, or perhaps at a very concrete place in the world, where I started walking, knowing where I was headed. Maybe this … Read More


My Path to the Seminary

My path to the Seminary began long ago, when I first discovered The Christian Community in Seventh Grade. I began attending the Children’s Service and then The Act of Consecration of Man every Sunday. For ten years I was involved … Read More


Finding Support for Life’s Challenges

How many students are there? Where do you live? Are you having fun? What have you been learning? These are just a few of the many questions I’ve been asked since arriving in September for the Seminary training. Since most of … Read More

The Teaching Behind the Teaching

Some pretty marvelous concepts are shared with us in class; perhaps most of them have the power, by themselves, to lead us safely towards destiny. That is, if we can simply be attentive enough to beckon the life forces poured … Read More