Welcome to the Seminary of The Christian Community in Spring Valley, New York.

The vocation of the priest in The Christian Community is a modern vocation for men and women. It means to accept the challenge of not only defying the conventional belief that human knowledge is limited to the physical world, but more importantly of working toward actually crossing these boundaries of knowledge. In this task the priest is aided by Anthroposophy, the science of the spirit introduced into the stream of human consciousness by Rudolf Steiner at the turn of the 20th century. The vocation of the priest expresses in a concentrated way what is the innate potential of every human being. Therefore, anyone can benefit from studying at the seminary for however brief a time. Applicants are not required to intend for priesthood to be their life’s vocation. The Christian Community was founded in 1922 as a worldwide movement for religious renewal: www.thechristiancommunity.org. In September 2003, the first seminary in the English-speaking world opened its doors in Chicago. Before that, pursuing the vocation of a priest in The Christian Community was only possible in Germany. In 2011 the seminary relocated to the East coast, to Chestnut Ridge (Spring Valley), 28 miles from New York City. Studies will be enhanced by internships with congregations in this country and abroad, exchange programs with the seminaries in Stuttgart and Hamburg, and the opportunity to study with students and faculty from around the world. On these pages you will find information about the Seminary – including open week-long courses. For further information about the Seminary or to contact one of the directors, please call 845 356 0972 or write to info@christiancommunityseminary.org.

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